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If I have Halflife on Steam can I get cheats in single player? Yes, I want to cheat my way past this impossible situation I have found myself in. I have a pistol with little ammo against an SMG and a sniper while a time bomb limits my defusing time. I have come close but I doubt it is possible with what resources I have.
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whoa that sucks. how'd you do that. :|
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Go to options hit enable develper console than accept than in game hit ~ than type in console commands "noclip" should do the trick i have not done this on the orginal halflife but this is how its seems to be done on most steam games
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So...if you have definitely heard that someone has successfully used cheats in single player on STEAM then I don't see why it wouldn't work. Thanks. I'll try it. I want to use GOD to just go directly to the bomb and defuse it. I have little time to do anything else. How I got into such a time crunch I don't know. I went in as fast as I could. I just want to move on.
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No. The cheats given online don't work. Either it wont recognize the entry or it will but doesn't work. I think STEAM has prevented cheats in any game, single and ofcourse multiplayer, that is carried by them. Looks like I am stuck in one tedious spot in this game.

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You need to type in "sv_cheats 1" before you type in noclip. I'm not sure if this will work in HL (worked in HL2), but "impulse 101" gives you all weapons and ammo. I think "god" works too.
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Just keep trying. Cheats are lame.
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Just keep trying. Cheats are lame.chessmaster1989

I totally agree

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Paying money for a game and getting bogged down until you give up and toss the game is lamer.
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It turns out you are right. The cheats did work. I am on to the next level. No cheats being used. I just wanted to get past an impossible situation. Thanks so much.