Chances of Silent Hills being for PC?

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Any thoughts?

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Maybe. Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming to PC so I'd say chances are higher than usual. I played the demo on the PS4 and thought it was pretty terrifying and well done. Lets pray.

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I hope it will end up on PC.

Its one of the few games that I am wanting on pc that hasn't been officially announced yet. I am so happy to see MGS5 is coming to pc, right when I am about to have a brand new build.

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YES! The metal gear solid V on PC has me jumping up and down in joy!... And who knows, maybe kojima will give in to the peer pressure

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Unlikely but it's probably coming in 2017 or 2018 so it's too soon to speculate anything.

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100% percent. I'm getting the vibe that it's gonna be on PC for sure. Also, I read up somewhere that Silent Hill P.T isn't a PS4 exclusive.

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i m still waiting to see the last one on PC Downpour :(

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I have no doubt that the full game will eventually land on PC, possibly a couple months after it is released on PS4. As for the P.T. demo, probably not, but I keep my fingers crossed, and haven't watched any playthroughs, just in case.

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Since its kojima productions and konami it is possible, but i wouldnt be surpised if sony snatched it.

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Lets hope so! So excited after the last couple of sub-par Silent Hill games!

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Horror has gained a Scene on PC and MSG V is coming so i don't see why they wouldn't do so with this title, also easier for youtubers to do their thing for scare plays or whatever it is they do.

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If mgs 5 does well on PC, good chance. So buy that if you really want Silent Hills.

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I believe it wasn't announced as an exclusive. With that in mind, I don't see any reason for Konami not to put this on PC.

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Everything is going multi-plat now a days.. Companies like Sony and Microsoft (inless it is a first party studio) can't pay these companies enough to keep exclusives to off balance the loss in profits by opening it up to other platforms.

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Here are your chances. It's a Japanese game and those very rarely come to PCs, as the Japanese are too stubborn to realize there are people actually playing on them (the computers, not the Japanese) outside of their country.