Cant track my posts, they should separate the forums

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I just dont know where to write this, but here it goes, and hope that some of you agree with me at least.

I think they can at least separate the forums more better, why are the PC & Mac Games mixed with everything hardware & audio/video related. they should separate those into 3 divisions like they where before.

1 - PC & Mac Games

2 - PC Hardware

3 - Audio/Video for all consoles and PCs and TVs as it where before.

its alot better this way. every time i want to post a topic or to reply to a previous post, i have to manage and search through a number of unrelated topics for me. and i bet others go through the same. but those topics are also for some other users, i didn't say they aren't important, but at-least they should be organised like before.

Regarding the new site revamp/interface, i dont use its streaming option as i watch its videos through YouTube, ill keep my complaints regarding the forums only, as i consider the community here is one of the best, and i still do, we need it to be organized better.

Ive been here since 03 i think and i grew up along this site, and Ive been through 2 or 3 site remakes/updates, and every time the forums got better, got more organised, more better rules, this whole site revamp is holding the community back.

Countless times i asked what graphic card is better, how to connect a surround sound to my tv, and what to buy. and Ive read countless of posts/answers/questions as well for others. It was all organized.

If you dont want to separate these forums because you dont feel the number of posts/topics will be as high, then i think it will all build up with time, and there will still be Pro Enthusiast users in each forum section, who will help others like us, I know i got help and helped answer others various of times.

It feels so good to write this, atleast you will read this, and here is to hopping that you wont delete this.

Thank you anyway.

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In general I'm not a huge fan of Gamespot's new format. The site as a whole is more poorly organized and less useful. It is more in line with current trends though. The web is often more about generating traffic than it is about utility. I make no assumptions about Gamespot's motivations or business decisions. I just liked the old format better. As in everything, chalk it up to personal preference.