Cant get my PS3 controller to work ingame on my PC

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#1 Posted by pooxtreme3 (544 posts) -

I am using motioninjoy as my program and i did everything as instructed...downloaded drivers..the controller showed up in the program it recognized it so i enabled it and did the vibration test and even that worked

but anytime i launch a game the controller has no effect

i even went to device manager..the controller showed up and everything was working properly..i went to properties and i can move the cursor around as it responds to my controller as well as the buttons

but why wont the controller work when im actually in game?...i tested various games also

#2 Posted by Marfoo (5993 posts) -
Do the games you are playing have controller support. What titles are you trying to play?
#3 Posted by pooxtreme3 (544 posts) -

skyrim...deus ex human revolution

#4 Posted by mitu123 (153911 posts) -

Set the emulation to 360.


#6 Posted by pooxtreme3 (544 posts) -

it works!! thanks

#7 Posted by mitu123 (153911 posts) -

Yeah that's what I usually set it on as well.

#8 Posted by Marfoo (5993 posts) -
Good call. Most new games use Xinput instead of DirectInput.