Can you run games on Linux?

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May sound like a n00b question but I might get ubuntu and I'm wondering if I can still play games.

Games are mainly TES:Oblivion and BF:1942.

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no....Microsoft are in league with the reptllians from alpha draconis sadly.You can try wine and various dx plugin files...but its hit and miss ie not worth it...stick to the next best thing which is XP.Hopefully inux support will be broad in the future with game developes since it owns windows in everyway.
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There are plugins and special Linux systems that can run games, but not all the games, and some that do run don't run well. Your better off just sticking to windows.
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Alright thank you.
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Wine can emulate Windows and can play a fair amount of games, but not all of them obviously and some they do support may not run properly. If you're a pretty serious gamer, I'd recommend dual booting Ubuntu and Windows. Much like Macs, Linux will never be a serious gaming platform, but they can do things that Windows couldn't even dream of. If anything else get a Live cd of Ubuntu to check it out, it's a fun learning experience and you could load the OS directly from a cd.
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I personally love the Mac OS X so much more than XP or Vista. I have Vista on my laptop with the OS X only so I can play games. I don't do anything else on there. Music, video, Photoshop, internet, everything else is done on the Mac OS X because it's so much better.
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You guys it's called wine or crossover or cadex. Go to a linux forum, people on gamespot are not software smart, it's true. They know how to build and diagnose a pc not posting sure, but for software no. You can use wine, to play direct x games, but of course performance is slower, but it's still certainly playable. All valve games work, to get ms office on linux, I used crossover. To install wine, sudo apt-get install wine (debian distros) By the way with wine, I reccommend using wine doors, it simplifies wine installs big time.

So easy...

I personally don't like Macs, just seem useless to me :0, they are not used often for servers, and their desktops just seem added for no real reason. It's just based off of UNIX. Linux is great for hosting servers, apache(a great alternative to IIS)

I use linux often for hosting servers in a virtual machine. Hyper v on server 2k8 is awesome.

Btw here is how to install oblivion

(That article is a little dated, you don't need to install an old version of wine)

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1. You must have an Nvidia graphics card. If not, gaming on Linux is near impossible, unless you have a magicall ATI card that somehow works. Some older windows 98/2000 games run okay, but anything new is going to be a headache.

2. The appdb. It has what games work and don't.

3. Any DOS game runs perfectly under DOSBox.

That's about it, other than to make sure you are careful when installing a Linux of some sort, like ubuntu.

Oh, and Oblivion and BF: 1942 seem to work perfectly, according to said database. Of course, mileage will vary.

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Ati has linux drivers on their website, are they bad or something? I've never used linux on an ati graphics card. I usually only use linux on laptops, which use nvidia chips.
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Ati has linux drivers on their website, are they bad or something? I've never used linux on an ati graphics card. I usually only use linux on laptops, which use nvidia chips.Renegade_Fury

Terrible. Most of the time, if a new game runs in Wine, it will only do so on an Nvidia chip. For instance, my ATI 9800 (yeah, old, I know) can't run portal--even though the wine database says it can. It just crashes. Also, from what I've read, 2D speed (like movies, browsing, etc) is terrible compared to Nvidia chips. In some cases they work okay, but it's almost always going to be a headache and a swear fest to get them to work.

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Propably an useless question... but. How about Intels graphics drivers? I know they suck even in windows. But any hope?