Can someone who knows there technical difficulties help?

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Went to my parents house. Got on their computer. Go on Fuse. Computer restarted. Computer screen became blank save for one underscore, which blinks nonstop. Its a Windows 7, HP computer. I don't know what to do. For a couple of old people that do nothing but eBay and FaceBook, I don't see how they manage to screw up their computers.
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its looking for the boot device.
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Sometimes random shutdowns are the PC 'warning' that it's getting too hot. Make sure it's not full of dust around all the fans, and especially the CPU. You can also open up the case and make sure all the plugs have solid connections. If Fuse is a similar site to YouTube, you could also check to see if YouTube has the same issue - where videos use Adobe Flash - and Flash does need a fair amount of CPU to perform smoothly. One other thing you can check for is if their main web browser (probably Internet Explorer) has a lot of extra toolbars. Extra toolbars can bog down a computer, running more processes in the background causing slow down and those extra processes can also stress the CPU, RAM and hard drive. If there are quite a few, you'll want to try to uninstall them. Not saying it is the 2nd thing, just that I've seen computers have a lot of issues from that. Some things can be hard to solve without being there in-person.
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Power down. Push the power on button, and then spam F1, F11, F10, F12 to get into BIOS. See what the boot order is. The computer should have come with some sort of recovery disk or boot disk. Select the optical drive for boot, and boot from HP's disk.

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Check to see whether Windows is still running when the PC shuts down. If you have any LED lights on your keyboard and mouse, they are of great help. If they stay on, that means Windows is still running and it's a GPU problem, but it could be corrupted driver for the GPU. Simply uninstall the driver and reinstall.

If the PC completely restarts, get a power supply tester to check whether the power supply is faulty.

Also, try Driver Verifier. It's not a 3rd party software, it's a Windows feature. Driver conflicts can cause the PC to restart itself.


Your post isn't clear enough for me to diagnose the problem. If the PC gets stuck before it loads Windows up with an underscore, it might be looking for a boot device. Like what others said, go in BIOS and check out the boot devices.