Can anyone remember which shooter game this was? Re: " ___ at ____'s pineap

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Okay, I know this is a longshot, but there was a shooter game that one of my computer teachers snuck onto our school computer lab system when I was younger (~10 years ago, maybe?) and we got to play a couple of times. It was multi-player; we got to run around in the game trying to take out our other classmates. The biggest detail I remember about it was that on the side of the HUD display when it showed updates from the game, a grenade hit would be listed as " PLAYER A ate PLAYER B's pineapple". I wish I could remember which title this was! Anyone out there have any ideas?

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Was it No one lives forever which came out in 2000 or No One Lives Forever 2 came out in 2002

It was set in the 60's and was very much a parody like Austin Powers the main character was a woman called Cate Archer

I remember there being pineapple bombs in the game. It was Mainly a single player game but came with simple multiplayer modes which was tons of fun.

Oh and while im on the subject.....we need more first person shooters like this back again rather than the boring ass military shooters!

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The Quake series uses that in the kill log for grenade kills (hand-thrown, not launcher).