Calibrating a plasma for PC/PS3 gaming.. which color space to use?

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I'm ordering a meter and going to use the free HCFR software to calibrate my Panasonic UT50. It will be used exclusively for PC and console (360/PS3) gaming. I would like to know if I should use Rec 709 (HDTV) or sRGB. I'm assuming sRGB for all games but want to confirm that. If I used that.. wouldn't I need to set the PS3 to rgb full and not limited? But then again if the UT50 plasma isn't capable of this then it will convert the color space to limited and perhaps I should just stick with Rec 709 HD color space? If I need to use a different color space for PC and console then I'll do 2 separate calibrations and use different modes (Game for PC and Cinema for console) which is fine with me.