Burning ISOs bigger than 4.7GB

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#1 Posted by underdark944 (1368 posts) -
I've got an Iso file of 6.3GB...is there any way I can burn this to a DVD? If not, what's the point of making those ISOs bigger than 4.7GB?
#2 Posted by Pangster007 (4426 posts) -

You need to have a dual-layer DVD rewriter and a dual-layer blank DVD to burn that iso.

#3 Posted by Zaber123 (1159 posts) -
You need a dual layer DVD, which are very expensive. It comes out to be like 2 bucks a disk.
#4 Posted by rickykemp (3882 posts) -
well, you *could* just download something like Daemon Tools, which lets you mount ISOs as if they were on disks.
#5 Posted by underdark944 (1368 posts) -
Just checked out the Nero TestDrive Software and it says I can burn DVD-/+R DL...cool, gonna go buy a few of 'em...