Booting troubles (windows 7)

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My dads computer is having some serious trouble booting it seems.  Ive taken a look and it says windows didnt start properly etc. etc.  It asks if you want to:


Start normally: Goes through a few screens and then seems to crash on the windows logo.


Do a system restore: Starts loading then comes up with a pop up giving you the options to restore or cancel.  I cant seem to select either option with the mouse or keyboard. 


Ive tried to boot in safe mode but tapping F8 seems to open some odd boot menu with a few fan speed options and boot selections but no safe mode. 


Can anyone help?  My knowledge of this type of things is minimal and seriously dated. 

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Do a system restore if you have a restore point made. Otherwise try booting in safe mode.
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Is there another way to do a restore?  As mentioned above the method it gives isn't working.  I also can't seem to see a way to boot in safe mode...  There is no option to do so after tapping F8. 

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Is it Windows 8?
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Nah it's windows 7.  

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Then it shoulld work with F8. You still have the option of using the repair disk, or doing a fresh install, if it comes to it.
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It doesn't work.  It opens an unusual menu I'm not familiar with (described in first post).  Trying to avoid a full re-install but it's looking like I may have to go down that route!