Boot Priority-Missing One Hard Drive

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When I look at the boot priority it shows the ssd and optical drive. But it doesn't show my hdd. Though when I check to see if the hdd is in under sata info. it shows up. I was wondering if I should be concern that it doesn't show up in boot menu.


Bios: 1007/came on motherboard

Also my i5-4670k runs at +30*C in bios after warming up on 633-642 RPM with a Hyper 212 EVO. I know the RPM can get higher but is that fine (I know that is a good temp. but should it be lower with that kind of RPM just sitting in bios).

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@HelpWithPC: Your HDD is being used for storage with no OS loaded and is not bootable, therefore it doesn't appear in the boot list.

Nothing wrong with the temp or the RPMs on the fan.