Boast your big Fallout 3 mod load orders here! Can yours beat mine?

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@the_bi99man: Why does every little cute word has to hit you like a bag of bricks?

I wasn't serious

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OK guys you won't believe this!!!

Turns out the mods of the Fallout 3 folder left out in my old abandoned,corrupted Hard Disk were still there.

So I was curious and transferred all the mods into my external and then into my computer.

I was very confident that nothing would work.

Since if the drive is corrupt so are the files.

But the thing worked!!

I restored the whole goddamn game with mods and even the saves that were last played on 2011 work!

Another fortune is there is even many Nexus banned mods like Apocalypse Armory,21st Century Weapons,Book of Earache and Ahztek armory,Frederyck Weapons which are very hard to find today on the internet

It is a big deal because these banned mods all together add about 600 new weapons to the DC Wasteland!

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I put around 300 hours into Fallout on ps3 with Game of the year edition one of my most favorite games ever, i never tried any mods due to ps3 then i tried it on pc and it felt like i had done everything and never done the mods sadly. I love mods for other games though