Bioshock Infinite FPS dips(sttuters) FIX

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On my rig it runs pretty well...most of the times at 60 fps, occasionally dropping to 50...BUT even those with more powerful rigs than mine have frame rate dips or the framerate are all over the place.
First thing first :
Ingame menu: Dynamic Shadow set it to HIGH, VERY HIGH and ULTRA(DX11) have major fps impact on the game and they are broken on nVidia cards.
                      Postprocessing set it to NORMAL, ALTERNATIVE(DX11) has major fps impact on the game and it makes little difference(close to NONE)
                      Lock Framerate set it to OFF...this form of ingame vsync is broken and it will cause a lot of framerate issue.Instead force vSync from nvidia cPanel or CCC panel...or use D3DOverrider to force vsync and triple buffering, since triple buffer works better forced through D3DOverrider!
If you do all of that your game will run better at higher fps...BUT you may still encounter FPS DIPS!
Those FPS DIPS(stutters) occur when entering(re-entering) new areas of the game.You have a stable 60 fps and all of the sudden for a brief period of time(a second or two) your frame rate drops bellow 10(fps), after that the game comes back to 60 fps...but it is very annoying when going back and forward through areas of the game.
This is a well known U3(the graphic engine that Bioshock uses). A good example is Batman: Arkham City...but in Arkham City when you would enter a new area of the game the fps would not drop so Bioshock it drops under 10 fps!!!
Here is a fix which will make your fps not to drop that much when entering new zones/areas(on my machine i was going from solid 60 to 5-10 fps for just a second when etering new it drops only to 30 - 40 and also the time is much a fraction of a second)
Go to C:\Users\\Documents\my games\BioShock Infinite\XGame\Config
Open XEngine.ini and:
Change bUseBackgroundLevelStreaming to False and bSmoothFrameRate to False, this seems to stop the stuttering when loading.
You can also change OneFrameThreadLag to False and PoolSize...i have set my PoolSize to 1024...but you can play with it to see how well it fits you.

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