Best Way to Clean a disk

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I have some problems with a game and i think it is because my disk is dirty.

I was wondering if anyone had some advice for cleaning them.

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You know what I have found that works wonders, a little water and a very soft sock.
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Don't use anything that is rough on the CD. It ruins it more than cleans it from my experiences.

 There are some kits specifically for this , but a little water (not too much) and something smooth to dry the CD works for me.

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Use compressed air and blow the dust away. They sell it in tubes, but make sure you get a quality brand, because the budget ones tend to leave traces of water on the hardware.



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In all seriousness though...there are special cleaning kits for CDs. You spray something on it and then this kit thing wipes in some kinda special way that doesn't scratch and keeps data from being messed up. 

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Some stuff is dirty, and some stuff is actually tons of tiny little scratches in the plastic film of the CD.. For just dirt, you should be able to get compressed air, maybe just water and cotton, and do not clean in circled around it, always clean from the middle ring and wipe outwards, then shift the CD and do it again, and so on until you get the whole CD. If it's the scratches, they have some stuff that I know many places sell, including EB games, or Gamestop, I can't remember which.. It's like a white paste and it comes with cloths, and is overpriced there as usual, but it's fixed a scratchy disk for me before.. As long as the scratches are only in the plastic film of course, not the actual metal.. Or not jagged, or weird angled, or other things can be unfixable. Actually, I've had a CD with a huge slit that went all the way through the CD and you could bend it open, but put it back perfectly and it still worked.. So it's just luck I suppose : p
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ur shirt, or a wet paper towel.
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Best thing is a glasses cleaner cloth.  The dust comes right off.
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Be real careful with paper towels.  Cheap brands will scratch CD's.  I've never had a problem using an old t-shirt and water, but then again I make sure all my CD's have a case or sleeve and never get that dirty anyway.
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Use a microfiber rag. I have some Monster Cable Screen clean I use on my LCD and the rag doesnt leave scratches. I tried it on a few CD's and worked fine. Glass cleaner works fine too...the important thing is to use something that wont scratch the disc even more. Automotive plastic polish works well on scratches, at least from what I have seen.
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I just hold the disc under warm running water and use a little dish soap to clean it and then pat dry it with a cotton towel.

If they are scratched up I'll use a thin coat of auto wax to fill them in. 

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I just hold the disc under warm running water and use a little dish soap to clean it and then pat dry it with a cotton towel.

Yep same here, and it has worked every single time.
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I use my silky smooth drawers, avoid crusty drawers at all COSTS!!!!
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Is that supposed to be a joke ?