Best way of transferring saved game folders

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So I;m getting a new laptop for my birthday today along with a USB Hard-drive dock to transfer all my files from my old laptop. I will be looking to install my PC games onto the new laptop but try and keep all my old save files from my old laptop and transfer them over. The games I look to be installing are The Sims 3 (with 8 expansion packs) Dawn of War II, Stacking, Bioshock and Crysis: Warhead.

A question I have is is it best for me to install the games first then transfer the save files, or transfer the save files first and then install the games? Which way is best if I want to continue to use my old saves?

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@nilzg said:

First install your game and then transfer your saves. And just fyi this topic made me think of this program:

That looks very useful indeed. Once I install all my games and transfer all the saves using the dock I will give this programme a shot and use it for my new laptop and subsequent saves, thanks!

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You can have that upload to Google Drive or Dropbox and experience the magical cloud.