Best Tactical FPS to hold me over until Rainbow Six: Siege?

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I am fairly new to the genre, and I'm excited for such a teamwork oriented game like R6 Siege to come out. What are your favorites in the genre that still have a lively multiplayer community?

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Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm. Without a doubt.

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Arma 3. The Zeus game mode is amazing.

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Americas Army

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Go play SWAT 4

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cant go wrong with Arma II

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Payday 2.

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Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm. Without a doubt.

It's funny you said this because I actually bought that right after I posted this topic haha. Loving it so far! Want to give Arma 3 a shot too as soon as I can find a good deal on it.

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Also I have never heard of swat 4. I will check that out!

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I had a load of fun with star wars republic commando.. for its time the graphics were awesome too