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what is the best rts game that has some components of rpg into it. The best one i can think of is Warcraft 3. Please list some if you know of any.

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Homeworld...would kind of fit in that genre :|
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spell force seems good, any more u guys can think of?
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Warcraft 3 is one of the bests, but idk blizzard is coming out with a new Starcraft Game... maybe it'l bring something new 8)
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Dragonshard is pretty good.
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Warcraft 3 is one of the bests, but idk blizzard is coming out with a new Starcraft Game... maybe it'll bring something new 8)L8erSquare


there's going to be no RPG elements in SC2, they're focusing on purely RTS action, just like SC1 

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any other good rpg/rts hybrids?
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Warlords Battlecry III \^_^/ a main hero character that you take along from mission to mission that can level up infinitely combined with a pile of races to choose makes it too awesome to not be in this thread. Even it's a bit of thread-necromancing on my part >.>
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Mount and Blade
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i just got spellforce universe (which has spellforce 1 & 2 + all the expansions), because it's supposed to be the best rts/rpg hybrid. might want to look into that one.

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Battlezone was a great series in its day, but RISE & FALL is the greatest RTS/FPS of all time . Hours of fun per game, and epic contest in my mind. Spellforce for the RTS/RPG - but the fun wears thin quickly on that one....

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WarCraft III.

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Old thread is old thread is old.

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Its Heroes of Annihilated Empires whichever way you put it! :) The thing is RTS vs RPG genre!

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dawn of war 2 has a great singleplayer hybrid that miles ahead of warcraft 3s sorry excuse for rpg elements. spellforce is good. spellforce 2 is debateable but worth looking into if your mind is set on one. and mount and blade is a poor example of an rts/rpg hybrid it can ride off into the sunset imho.

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Easily the best example of this would be Warzone 2100. Although old, it definitely had both characteristics. Upgrading units due to kills, a base which stayed the same while the map itself opened up, allowing for a great base to be built knowing that it would remain exactly how you left it. The RPG quality made the strategy part much more important, as your earlier actions would ripple into further missions. [ do not bump old threads - moderator ]
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Dawn of War II and Spellforce. Completely different games, both incredibly fun.

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order by quality

Warcraft3 - Spellforce 1 - Dragonshard - Spellforce 2 - DoW2.

a bit personal bias to Dragonshard because of DnD, and to DoW2 since I prefer the original DoW gameplay.