Best Point and click adventure games!?

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So can anyone recomend me some of those? I played a lot of them and i wan't to play more. What titles are considered the best or what titles do you consider best?

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Grim Fandango and the Longest journey I consider to be the best. even though Dreamfall doesn't fall into that point and click adventure games I still think that game was really really fun.
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:( i was going to say grim fandango haha
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My absolute favorites:

Space Quest 4 & 5

King's Quest 6

Gabriel Knight 1 & 2

Curse of Monkey Island

The Dig

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Grim Fandango isn't "point and click" game. :P But it's one of the best adventure game.

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all of the myst games are fantastic.

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The Longest Journey. That's my favorite.

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Day of the Tentacle
The Longest Journey
Monkey Island 1-3
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
Indiana Jones (both of them)
Beneath A Steel Sky

and lots more. One of the best genres ever.

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ill say it depends in categories. Of adventure point and click, ill have to say i had a really good time with Monkey Island 3 and Full Throttle, and King Quest VII, King Quest games are really good, except the one with Alexander and his "magic map" that was t was really annoying that there was a narrator talking everything you character did. I can still hear in my head "Alexander pull's out his magic map" Now Horror point and click. I really liked the phantasmagoria series, The first one i liked it more than the second one, the other one is good but not so. But i think the best game series of all the point and click are the Myst series. I really enjoyed playing the first 4, (still missing the last one) the story is actually pretty good. If you want to get in deeper detail there are actually books you can read out. The "world" are really well constructed the detail are really high. What i really enjoyed about the series is that the puzzles can be so complicated to a degree that the whole world is a big puzzle. The one y enjoyed the most was the 3rd one. Although the most challenging was Riven (Myst 2) i solved it without internet and it took 3 months. And so far that puzzle has been one of the most creative i have played in my life. Also i recommend this series because of the ambient, you really have to feel you are there, make notes of the most important things you see, and hear. Not to mention that some of the games (i dont remember if all) have different endings. Hope this help
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Space quest

Police quest

Kings Quest

Day of the Tentacle

Full Throttle

How are these games on today's machine.. I was gonna get Space Quest.. but the graphics cannot look good..

Any thoughts....

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Salammbo Towards the end it does get very frantic especially when you have to race against the clock in order to survive. So get your clicking finger, clicking basically. The in game cut scenes qaulity is top notch, for such small system requirements needed to play this game, they are simply fantastic. The story is good too, with the different choices of dialouge to chose from when you interact with other characters. Though if you should get stuck, there are some very easy walkthroughs available. It's honestly worth a look at.
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the dig
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Leisure Suit Larry: Land of the Lounge Lizards
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I cannot for the life of me find a copy of this game xD It was so good though, such a brilliant adaption of Terry Pratchett's magnificent novels. :D

I would also recommend all the Sam And Max games, both of Telltale's series and the original. They all rock. The Strongbad game is decent too. Wayyy too easy though.

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The Monkey Islands, Sam and Max (the original), Day of the Tentacle, the Gabriel Knight and Broken Sword games (again, pre-3d), one of the Indiana Jones games (I forget which), Syberia and The Longest Journey.
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Pretty much anything made by LucasArts is going to be top-notch. Unfortunately getting them to run on a modern computer can be a pain in the ass. The early LA games just need to be run in the ScummVM emulator but the later games such as Full Throttle require a lot of troubleshooting and fooling around with different combinations of emulators to get working. For Full Throttle I think I had to run it in ScummVM with a sound card emulator running in the background and then on top of all of that I had to slow the game down because it apparently ran as fast as the CPU would allow it which caused the sound to be absolutely horrible.

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all of the games in the Submachine series are the best point and click adventure games i have ever played and they r all free

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Monkey Island

Grim Fandango

Full Throttle

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Broken sword I and II. Probably showing their age, but still great games.

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Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Maniac Mansion

strange, no one mentioned it yet :P

Also The Feeble Files and Toonstruck.

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1º: Full Throttle (One of the best in all kind of genre)

2º: Grim Fandango

3º: The Monkey Island Series

4º: Indiana Jones - Atlantis

5º: The Dig

Well, here in Brasil, we had an unique oportunity of playing a game made from one TV show called Casseta e Planeta (Hit(and it can have a porn translation to) and Planet) that was really amazing despites of all technichal problems. But to few people had their chance to play it. It was the best. The goal is to get laid in the end of the night. Very funny. See ya.

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The above are good. I've played a few of them and they are fun on most days. But I have found that my favorite point-and-click PC game is one called Dracula: Origin put out by Frogwares. It is very interesting in that you play as Professor Van Helsing. I am a bit of a Dracula fan, but for those who don't know, Van Helsing is not the biggest role in the original story, though he is very important. This is why I found it interesting that Van Helsing is the main character. It is a very challenging (well, challenging for me) game full of dozens of characters, incredibly intricate and interactive worlds, and is just a lot of fun to play. I played it three times in a row when I first got it, starting it again as soon as I finished. Also, the ambiance is incredible, music, voice acting, world designs/graphics, etc. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone...who is mature enough for the content. I mean, there is a scene where you, as Van Helsing, have to burn a possessed monk alive =p It is a gothic adventure full of romance, mystery, and terror that will keep your mind thinking through the whole story. Have fun!!
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Sanitarium and Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within

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The Neverhood. It's the only game that's made out of clay.
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The monkey island series (especially number 3), broken sword, Grim Fandango and Sam and Max.

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Monkey Island Series (haven't played the new one, but 1-4 were great and silly and had monkeys and pirates and everything!)

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Broken Sword series ispretty good. But if you want classic old school go for The Feeble Files!

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So can anyone recomend me some of those? I played a lot of them and i wan't to play more. What titles are considered the best or what titles do you consider best?


If you want good point 'n click adventure games go play the old Sierra and Lucas Arts ones. They were the best then and those games are still the best today.

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  • The Longest Journey
  • Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
  • Syberia
  • Sam & Max episodes
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The Curse of Monkey Island is one of the great classic PC Games.
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The Longest Journey and Grim Fandango
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The Longest Journey

Grim Fandango

Monkey Island 2

Gabriel Knight:Sins of the Fathers

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

Sam & Max: Hit the Road

So yeah, what they said.

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Grim Fandango and the Longest journey I consider to be the best. even though Dreamfall doesn't fall into that point and click adventure games I still think that game was really really fun.zerosaber456

Best ever!

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Monkey Island series, and the Myst series.