Best Lan Co-op games to date

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Hey guys.

I'm new to Gamespot, just signed up because a friend of mine said you guys were the most helpful of all the Games forums.

Me and a buddy of mine recently became addicted to LAN RPG's, but now we've finished all the ones we know og, can any of you guys recommend us some good RPG games? FPS and RTS recommendations are welcome too.

Since we live in South Africa and we don't have uncapped Internet access, any online games can't really be played.

We're looking for anything from 2008-2011, and we are waiting for Diablo 3, we just want something to tide us over untill then!

Please guys, help us here! We prefer RPG first and foremost, then FPS, then RTS!

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

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I don't play RPGs, but I can recommend you RTS and FPS. For RTS - Red Alert 3's campaign is great in co-op. For FPS - Call of Duty: World at War, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
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Wow that was quick, wasn't expecting a reply till tomorrow!

I've heard people say Bad Company 2 is really good, is it that good?

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For RPGs, go get dungeon siege one and two and maybe also the original neverwinter nights.

For RTS, Shogun 2 got a real good coop campain mode, and Dawn of war 2 is also to recommend, tho that plays more like an action rpg that a rts.

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We already completed both Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 and their expansions, just finished Dawn of War 2, the original and Chaos Rising, and finished Retribution last night. Neverwinter Nights sounds good, I remember playing the first one a bit, is it good?

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The first neverwinter nights is awesome, and it good a good coop mode and, well lots of mod content. Clearly worth trying, the only real problem might be geting a copy.

You might also want to try the older versons, like baldurs gate.

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Play Counter Strike on lan its super fun!
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I agree counter strike source is very entertaining and you can play for hours just shooting at mates or helping them kill a million bots :D
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We started our LAN playing with Counter Strike, played it so much we started dreaming about it and the game sounds! That was about as bad as waking up in the middle of the night and hearing "Nuclear launch detected" and looking around in your room for that blinking red light! Baldur's Gate I have, but the graphics, oh the horror!
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Maybe you should have listed games you and your buddy played ;)

I will mention Borderlands, but you have probably played it.

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Diablo II



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Ok sorry, I should have listed everything we have played so far: Diablo II Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 Borderlands Warcarft 3 and Dota Dawn of war 1 and 2 Counter Strike Rainbow Six Vegas Freelancer Warhammer Battlemarch Sacred 1 and 2 Battle for Middle Earth Titan Quest and Expansion Hidden and Dangerous Unreal Tournament, all of them up to UT3 Thats about it.
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You guys can try Gears of War 1 on PC. I remember playing the whole campaign with my brother from start to finish, it was pretty fun :D
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Thank you guys so much! This has been really really helpful, just ordered almost all the games you guys mentioned! Now I see why everyone loves the Gamespot forums!
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Swat 4 = best lan FPS
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gears of war 1

sacred 2

titan quest


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League of Legends

LoL requires a permanent internet connection, read the OP.
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And you bumped that thread...good job!