Best FPS Game (Not FTP)

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#1 Posted by speedysam123 (91 posts) -
Whats the best first person shooter (No Free to plays) for multiplayer with a gaming computer.
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BF3, TF2 (it's F2P now, wasnt before), L4D2, CS, CoD (if you like that style)

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I play TF2, Is Planetside 2 any good?
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quakelive. you can pay monthly for it and its truly worth it imo. quakelive can be tried and played on a basic level for free. its simply one of the best twitch shooters you can get your hands on today.

#6 Posted by s-e-e-k (247 posts) -

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

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Best one I can think of to be honest is L4D2 or TF2.

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Red Orchestra 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Natural Selection 2

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All depends what you call an fps game if your after a free for all battle type game then battlefield 3 or counter strike (either source or GO they're both the same) but if you want a team play game i would definitely go for borderlands 2..
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Counter-Strike (either GO or Source), Battlefield 3, Quake Live, and I'd say Crysis 2 but that is EXTREMELY subjective cuz I love that ROBOT DUDE SH*T. Hopefully Crysis 3 will be good (better than 2). THE BEST OF THEM ALL THOUGH? Well, that's Counter-Strike: Source.
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I play TF2, Is Planetside 2 any good?speedysam123
Planetside 2 is F2P, but it is good. You can also try Natural Selection 2 and BF3
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I have that game.
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My bad, I've only read the title. You should play DOOM regardless if you haven't already done so:P. As for multiplayer: Quake Live and Red Orchestra 2.

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Counter Strike, Battlefield 3 and Team Fortress 2. (Yeah, yeah i know it's free to play but it wasn't a while back).

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quakelive. you can pay monthly for it and its truly worth it imo. quakelive can be tried and played on a basic level for free. its simply one of the best twitch shooters you can get your hands on today.

Quake Live is great :)
#19 Posted by seanmcloughlin (38194 posts) -

I'm partial to BF3 myself. So much fun

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault for me personally. Although it's an aquired taste these days.

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For a true team mp game IMO it would be Red Orchestra 2 hands down. CS. Go also, but there is alot more asshats in that game. Natural Selection is also a good one.
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Quake Live and TF2 are my two favorite multiplayer games, both of which are FTP:P. I haven't played it for a while, but Tribes: Ascend is also fun.

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Counter Strike GO or Source, Bf3

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ArmA, BF3, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Red Orchestra 2

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Whats better for Multiplayer, Battlefield 3 or Battlefield Bad Company 2?
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BF3, COD4, Red Orchestra2 & ARMA2

#27 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -
planetside 2: MASSIVE scale, vehicles, class-based, persistence, teamwork, strategic, open world, free, balanced, addictive battlefield 3: scale (not nearly as big as ps2 can get), persistence, some teamwork here and there, lots of game modes, lots of weapons, pretty addictive. value is really subjective for this one. also you'll probably want to get premium or some of the map packs. natural selection 2: plays like an fps when you are a marine, plays like Left4dead zombie versus when you are an alien, plays like a small-scale starcraft 2 if you're a commander of either team. lots of strategy, close quarters combat, really refreshing experience. learning curve is pretty tough for commander role if you've never played an RTS. worth the $25 just because its so well-made and unique. counter-strike global offensive: its counter-strike with slightly different netcode, prettier graphics, a few new weapons and integrated gungame mode. demolition quick matches are also VERY fun. easier to get into, but still holds value for hardcore cs players. killing floor: a round-based survival game that is similar to left 4 dead (even though it was originally an older game than l4d). has classes. requires teamwork on higher difficulties. i really only suggest this to people who know how to work as a team and have at least semi-decent aim. otherwise, one of the better time killers ever created. cod4: self-explanatory left 4 dead 2: must get lol
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Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

I have that game.