Best FPS for normal computer?

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#1 Posted by speedysam123 (91 posts) -
I have a good computer with a intergrated graphics card (Intel hd 3000) And i want to know a good FPS that it can handel. It dosn't have to be free.
#2 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23556 posts) -
assuming mp fps call of duty 4 cs/css/cs go quake live
#3 Posted by Socijalisticka (1621 posts) -

play sum quack an dooms

#4 Posted by ionusX (25716 posts) -

play sum quack an dooms



#5 Posted by JigglyWiggly_ (23556 posts) -

i don't recommend painkiller, at least the mp
hitscan does 0 dmg
it's pretty spam heavy
unless you like rocket spamming

and not direct rocket hits like shootmania

#6 Posted by 8-Bitterness (3707 posts) -
Try Counter-Strike: Source man, it's fairly alright on modest computers.