Bell the Gargoyles in Dark Souls

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I'm getting my ass kicked. Suggestions?

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I mean the bell top gargoyles. The 2 bosses. My bad
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if you talked to solaire, you can summon him to help you. if youre going solo, stay close to the gargoyle use your sheild and roll behind him and get some hits in

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Become human again, there is a Solaire summon sign right before the fog to go fight them and you can only access it when human. Then get some gold pine resin and use it on your weapon. Solaire will distract them and you can lay siege to them. Buff up your character a bit too if you think you need too. Good weapon for there I found was the b@stard sword, I had it at +2 fighting them and it took huge chunks off them

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The easiest way is to become human and summon help. You can either summon other players or provided you have spoken to Knight Solaire and freed Lautrec both can be summoned to help.

If you want to do it solo I don't have any specific advice but you have a bit of time before the second gargoyle joins the fight so try to get as much damage on the first one as possible before he arrives. You can cut off his tail which gives you a cool weapon and takes off some health. Once the first one is dead the second one is easier, just dodge his fire attacks and hack away.

Hope any of that rambling helps. It is hard but don't give up on the game like so many others have, because once your hooked it is really one of the best games you'll ever play.

Good Luck

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They have an attack pattern that you can eventually memorize and exploit. After they land you can kinda glitch about beneath their legs and do a bunch of damage. You can stab the second one in the bum when its spewing fire. Just don't let them corner you.

If you think the Gargoyles are annoying, you are in for a world of hurt with the Capra deamon. Uninstalling the game and saving yourself a lot of frustration is also a good strategy.

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my strategy was "get the first one as close to being dead as possible before the other one shows up", then chasing that one and killing it before much could be done. summoning allies usually helps.