Back Chassis Fan is not Running?

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It was working earlier and now its not running. But when I start the computer it is running but cuts out later on.

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does it work consistantly if you change where it's connected to power? ie different mobo point, fan controller cable etc.

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get some Noctua fans.

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Is it connected to the mobo or directly to power/external fan control?

Seems odd for it to initially work only to "get tired of running" unless there's some sort of power management involved.

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Open the case up, find a 3 pin header on the board and plug it in. See if that works, if not, then the fan is broken.

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There was nothing wrong with it. I check the fan controller and it just wasn't running for some reason cause it was to cool. I changed the setting to run and its doing fine. Also I do plan on getting Noctua fans. It is connected to mobo and the rest are molex except for the cpu fan.