Asus Z87 Pro & WiFi go problem

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since the change am unable to find the hardware thread so sorry if am posting in the worn place

with the motherboard you are suppose to be able to use as an Access point, as anyone able to use this feature ?

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I have never tried, but I can't imagine it being that hard to set-up. Isn't it done in windows control panel though?

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@horgen123: well the guide but for some reason it keep telling me the process fail

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I just built a computer with the Z-87 PRO motherboard and wifi to go and it is working fine for me. Also what is your operating system.

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I am gonna send you to where I got it. Also why your at it, you should update your motherboard drivers if you haven't. I am not sure where I got in here but this how I got it. This link is for windows 8.1 64 bit This link is for windows 7 64 bit

Also, my wifi to go was working as soon as I loaded the operating system for the first time but this might help.

Download utilities and you should get everything you need.

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@HelpWithPC: windows 7 64 bit,, i used the driver from the Cd so would try using from the site thanks

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did everything update, i see the green and blue lights at the back but still unable to enable AP mode any other suggestions