Assassin's creed controller support?

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Well I just got all the assassin's creed games for pc up to assassin's creed III and I was about to play the first one with my xbox 360 controller but for some reason when I go into controls its not detecting my controller I tried downloading the x360ce fix but it still doesnt work what do I do?

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  1. Make sure your Xbox 360 controller is detected by your PC.
  2. Make sure your Xbox 360 controller is plugged in before booting up the game.
  3. Make sure your game is up to date. uPlay will only update one patch per launch. I think they are around 7 patches now.
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@ShadowDeathX: My controller works for other games so my pc does decect it and it does work and the copy of assassin's creed 1 I got was a disc not purchased on uplay.

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Assassin's Creed has a few issues with the wireless version of the Xbox 360 Controller. I don't remember what the fix for that was but I remember it only affected the 1st games.

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1st 2 games

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If it is the wireless controller and dongle it has issues with some games. Personally, I would highly recommend getting a wired 360 controller. It is still your best option for a PC game pad and you can get it for ~$30. I use mine for platformers, AC games, and the like and have never had a single issue. Just plug and play.