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Just wanted to share with you people for the deal you can go as low as you like to get Arma 2 along with some other games from Bohemia

for 6$ you can get Arrowhead along with DayZ mod for Arma 2.

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Damn, I must have been asleep when I bought this. Completely forgot about it.

Going to install Carrier Command and see what it's like.

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What are the ARMA games like?

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Thinking about jumping on this, just for the Dayz. I am torn between this and the stand alone....

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@horgen123 said:

What are the ARMA games like?

Simulation, basically if you're more into simulation like Americas Army instead of run and gun like Battlefield/CoD games then this is a game for you.

If you approach military shooter in more realistic way and more tactical then it's really fun, got HUGE maps, really nice graphics, lots of weapons and vehicles.

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Get ACE Combat for ARMA 2, adds a lot more realism to the game.

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I got Arma 3 the other day. I haven't played it much but I am getting a new mouse tomorrow. It can take awhile get into the groove which is usually a good sign. If a game takes seconds to learn it will take minutes before it gets boring.

I have been watching a lot of lets play I have to say this it looks like something top tier gaming guilds would compete in.

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@PredatorRules: ah. Not much into COD or Battlefield. But this sounds fun.

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I have been going thru the training. I think its safe to say anyone who fancys himself good a shooters should try this game to make sure. Its hard