Arma 3 Alpha Lite Giveaway(Free invites)

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#1 Posted by Brean24 (1659 posts) -
Alright so I have three Arma 3 Alpha Lite invites sitting in my inventory so the first three posters to this thread get access to the Arma 3 Alpha. First three posters PM me for exchanging of information(email etc) If I don't respond immediately it's because I got stuff going on in the afternoon. I'll make sure everything is settled by tonight.
#2 Posted by adamosmaki (9789 posts) -
hey i want one and thank you
#4 Posted by TrooperManaic (3777 posts) -

yo I really wannna play this game =]

#5 Posted by Mavlow (223 posts) -

yo I really wannna play this game =]

pick me!
#6 Posted by granddogg (437 posts) -
i want one
#7 Posted by PernicioEnigma (5421 posts) -
I've got one Arma 3 Alpha lite to giveaway. Anyone who wants it can send me a PM with their Steam account name so I can gift it to them.
#8 Posted by TrooperManaic (3777 posts) -