Are there any stable PS3 controller drivers?

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I keep getting a 10D error w/ the motioninjoy drivers, so I've uninstalled them in the hopes that there is something better. I really doubt it, as google turns up nothing. So, here I am asking you guys if you've ever heard of alternatives. I'm really regretting not getting the 360 controller, even though the ps3 pad is far superior. I'd get that Thrustmaster, but I used to have one and it just fell apart after finishing one game, so I don't think I want to go back. Even though it was a great controller (better than ps3), aside the fact it was so cheaply constructed.
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Motioninjoy are about the best PS3 controller drivers, try a different version.
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Different version isn't going to help. I guess I'll just ebay it. Thanks.
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Boy, do I feel like a rube. Here I paid 60$ for a new one, when they sell for <15$ on ebay.
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Just download this, follow instructions and see what happens.

That's from 2006. I'm fairly certain that those drivers eventually morphed into motioninjoy. Thanks though. I really think the only option is to just get a 360 controller.
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yah TC your f!cked.. thats wht you get for trying to use a sony product on a microsoft platform :lol:

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I have a PS3 controller that works flawlessly since it has it's own drivers, it's aftermarket one, but still, it works!

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I had to reinstall the drivers everytime I ran motionjoy to get it to work properly.
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Its finicky, but motionjoy should work just not without hickups.

I notice I have to re-pair bluetooth or re-enable x360 emulation a lot prior to starting game, and after I made sure it works on the menu than is good to go.