Are there any noticeable differences between high and ultra generally?

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#1 Posted by SuperNovaftw (2636 posts) -

So PC master gamers can you help me out im building a pc and I need to know if there are any differences between high and ultra settings?

I looked on youtube and I cant spot anything even in pc and consoles comparisons I cant spot anything.


So can you guys help me out?Talk about a specific game if you need to also I plan to play at 1080p

#2 Posted by HyperWarlock (3261 posts) -

Honestly, not really. Of course the hardcore crowd will tell you their worlds apart.

However there is a difference between PC and Console. On some games there isn't much as it's a straight port. However a game like The Witcher 2 or Crysis 1 there are massive differences.

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It depends on the game. For Crysis 1, there is a massive difference between high and very high.

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Normally medium to high is where the largest jump is. Youtube is bad for comparisons though.

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If I look hard enough, probably. But I wouldn't when moving around in a game and I'd rather go high with fluid frames than ultra being stuttery.
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Crysis had a huge difference between High and Very High (Ultra)
And the most noticible thing was God Rays/Volumetric Lighting and Bump Mapping.

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Depends on the game, but for the most part... nah.
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I notice the difference in games like Witcher 2 and Crysis/Warhead.