are there any headsets that work for blu-ray movies

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does anyone know i would like to get a surround sound headset for my blu-ray movies instead of a sound bar or a home theatre system?

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Surround sound headsets with a clusterf*ck of drivers packed in each cup are more gimmicks and not delivering that great sound quality especially not for the price I would reccomend getting a high quality stereo headphone instead. For movie watching your going to want something with great subbass extension and impact but with good amount of clarity as well and a good sound stage and something with some sound isolation would be a plus so your not distracted by external noise as much.

You haven't given budget or what your source for playingback the bluray will be but the Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS2 will allow you to connect any source with a optical or rca outputs to it and use dolbly headphone which if fed a 5.1 optical signal will downmix it and give you virtual surround sound through your headphones this is preferable method then buying a headphone with a bunch of drivers. Pair that up with the M Audio Q40(meets all points except sound stage being a little small but dolby headphone should fix that) and you'll be all set.

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Well in my opinon the B&W P5s do a great job for movies. If you have the money, the Denon D5000 which I use do movies really, really well.

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If you want to get out the door with quality sounding stuff for as little as possible I suggest some of the rebranded Fischer FA-003's and either the DSS ( dont get a DSS2 ) or an Astro Mixamp.

A good quality set of neutral stereo cans and a DAC will sound LOTS better and have just as much immersion in my experience.

PS : Don't get a Mixamp from the astro website. It's $130 there with extortionist like shipping charges. Can be found on ebay NEW for $100 with free shipping or used for even less ( pretty sturdy, wouldn't be worried about buying a used one myself ).

Edit : And I say neutral because you might want to do other things with them. The FA-003's arent the best at anything but I genuinely feel them to be the closest you can get (at a reasonable price) to an all around usage set of cans without having to completely give up something in order to get something else.

If you KNOW you will only ever play games or listen to certain genres of music or ONLY watch movies then by all means get another set that are geared specifically to your usage.