Are power-line Ethernet adapters any good?

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Just so you know I not very tech savvy but a figure you guys might know about such things. I want a more stable connection for next gen and at the moment I'm using a wireless router but on a regular basis my internet cuts out and these adapters seem like a good cheap way of getting around this.

What do you guys think, am I just being naive or is this a viable option.

Thanks in advance.

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This video should answer your questions. In short powerline > wireless.

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A hard-line connection will always be better than wireless connection (for now), at least more reliable when it comes to maintaining a stable connection. Signal strength is another story.

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My housemate set up part of our network with power line Ethernet adapters. We've got my desktop and his Raspberry Pi hooked up with them. They work pretty well.

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I've used them before. Work without a hitch, good bandwidth and latency. Go for it!