Anybody with an Nvidia GTX 780M SLI Setup?

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I recently purchased my dream gaming laptop (EDIT: I won't actually have the laptop for a few weeks, that's why I'm asking about this) so I can sell off my desktop and not have to worry about it taking up space, heating up my surroundings anymore, etc., but I can't get a straight answer from the web about how 2 GTX 780Ms perform, namely with Assassin's Creed 4. AC4 is currently the most demanding game I own, and with my current setup I can max everything out at 1080p and get a smoother than 30 FPS (not sure if 60 FPS, all I care is if the game flows/looks like it), but to keep the game at a solid framerate like that no matter where I am in the game world I have to keep anti-aliasing off. My question to those who have a similar setup to the laptop I just purchased, is how it will perform in AC4 compared to my current setup. Specs of both down below, and thanks for any and all replies:

My current setup (Desktop):

GPU - Nvidia GTX 580 Classified Ultra (Core overclocked to 950 Mhz)

CPU - Intel i7 2700k (3.5 Ghz) (Quad-Core)

Memory - 8GB Corsair Dominator (I believe 1600Mhz)

My new setup (Laptop):

GPU - 2x Nvidia GTX 780M SLI

CPU - Intel i7 4930MX Extreme Edition (Up to 3.90Ghz) (Quad Core)

Memory - 32GB DDR3 1600MHz

What I'm trying to achieve is to at least be able to play AC4 at 1080p with maxed settings and at least MSAA x8 anti-aliasing enabled at a constant framerate above 30 FPS (Lets say never dipping below 45 FPS) no matter where I go on the map (some areas are a lot more demanding than others. The towns for example.)

I travel at times for work and a desktop solution isn't viable anymore. Just a heads up for those who say I could've gotten a better and cheaper desktop instead. I know. :P

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So turn the settings up and see if it works? I'm not sure what you're asking here. You say you have the laptop, so run the game and put the settings at what you like. If it gets sluggish start turning them back down until it performs just right.

That's a horrendous waste of money, though.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that I don't actually have the laptop yet, and won't for a few weeks. I edited my post to reflect that.

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I'm almost positive that laptop will destroy the game but ONLY if you don't get shafted and are forced to use custom drivers. I bought a gaming laptop once when I was younger and it wouldn't play hardly anything because the custom drivers were NEVER updated.

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I hear Nvidia is doing a good job with getting mobile drivers out and updating them since they pretty much own the mobile market. Mobile gaming is increasing in popularity and Nvidia is having to cater to more and more laptop gamers nowadays. They've been pretty proactive about putting out updated drivers I've noticed as of late. They're pretty much covering all of their bases.

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@airshocker: i think generally laptops nowadays just use the standard mobile drivers from nvidia and AMD.

i remember with my old advent laptop (with a mobility radeon 9600 64MB) getting new drivers was hell though. i basically had to wait for other manufacturers to release laptops with ATI chips. ATI (and nividia at the time) refused to let customers even download drivers for laptop chips.

thankfully using ati drivers from dell or HP never caused a problem for my laptop.

still i think the situation has vastly improved now.

on topic the 780M, from what i have read, performs similarly to a 660 ti (or somewhere between a 660 and a 760). so that should give you a good idea of what to expect.

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Not a big fan of laptops. I use a single GTX 780 Ti on a 1080p 120Hz display. I will be getting a second video card when I buy my first 4K Ultra HD TV.

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first of all you don't need MSAA x8 on a 17 inch laptop, u just won't notice it. 2nd why the hell would you waste your money on a 780m SLI if all you want to achieve is 30fps. I'm not even sure if you really did buy such laptop but even if you did you wasted your cash.

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I have a 27" monitor that I plan to use with the laptop, as well, I said I wanted a framerate that's higher than 30 FPS but not necessarily 60 FPS. If you're an enthusiast PC gamer you should be able to tell the difference between when a game is at playable frames per second, and when it flows like water. I don't know what framerate the latter has to be for that to happen since it's different for each person, but I want that constant experience even when I crank up the settings to make the game graphically impressive at the same time, and I know that's at least higher than 30 FPS for me. I'd guess around 50 FPS should do the trick, but my point is that I don't want it to ever dip below that and that's why I got a gaming machine that should breeze through most games in the present and years into the future.

Anyway, can someone answer my question? If you have a similar setup and AC4 (Hell, I'll settle for Battlefield 4 since they're both pretty demanding), how does it perform with the settings I specified?