Any Tomb Raider games worth getting?

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#1 Posted by KABCOOL (1144 posts) -

With all the Tomb Raider games 75% off, I was wondering if any of them are worth it? Never played any of them, so thought I would ask.

#2 Posted by mitu123 (153911 posts) -

Definitely buy Legend!

#3 Posted by kozzy1234 (35266 posts) -

Cannot go wrong with Legend or Anniversary. If you dont mind older graphics then the older oens are fun to.

One series I am TERRIBLE at but enjoy playing :P

#4 Posted by kai_311 (444 posts) -
Yap legend or Anniversary. They are pretty good even The Guardian of Light is nice. I haven't got the chance to open up my Underworld. Backlog games...
#5 Posted by KABCOOL (1144 posts) -

Alright awesome think I might have to pick both of those up. Thanks!

#6 Posted by AFBrat77 (24135 posts) -

The original 1996 Tomb Raider is an absolute classic, but you need to be ok with the graphics.

#7 Posted by kitty (114794 posts) -
Only tomb raider to avoid, is probably angel of darkness, but that's what others would suggest. Legend and Anniversary are good. I'm playing through Underworld atm. It's pretty good imo. The only tomb raider game I haven't played is chronicles. I don't own it yet, but I do own double copies of the others.
#8 Posted by Lucianu (9443 posts) -

Yeah, go with the modern trilogy - Legend, Anniversary and Underworld. All of them are great action-adventure games and they'll look good on a PC.

After that, you can go with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, which is a spin-off of Tomb Raider, and a excellent co-op game.

#9 Posted by strategyfn (336 posts) -

I bought Tomb Raider: Underworld a few Steam sales ago, and I can't complain. I made it to level 4 or something. I take it the games are only $2.50, for that amount of money you can't go wrong. I think I paid $4.99. Good graphics for an older game, and decent platforming.

I also bought Anniversary and Legend, but I haven't gotten around to playing those two.

#10 Posted by DevilMightCry (3495 posts) -
I enjoyed Underworld.
#11 Posted by Chris_53 (5119 posts) -
Just get the whole collection, its only £10, its worth it just for the older games!
#12 Posted by bonafidetk (3820 posts) -
The modern trilogy is worth having. Anniversary, Legend and Underworld. Anything before that I'd say no. When they came out they were good but that was like 15 or so years ago.
#13 Posted by Chris_53 (5119 posts) -
Yeah I should add if you've never played the old games in the past, you probably wont like them now. I loved them when I was younger so I love playing them now for nostalgia
#14 Posted by kriggy (845 posts) -

Legend, Anniversary and Underworld are all gr8 imo.

#15 Posted by MonoSilver (1525 posts) -
The first five and Legend, Anniversary and Underworld are all great games. Just skip Angel of Darkness.
#16 Posted by mhofever (3954 posts) -

The first five and Legend, Anniversary and Underworld are all great games. Just skip Angel of Darkness. MonoSilver

Agreed, Angel of Darkness was terrible.

#18 Posted by Lach0121 (9869 posts) -

Underworld was a good attempt at something that could of been awesome.

It was a good game, although it seemed slightly easier than the previous. There are only a few underwater levels, but they were great.

It also seems a little shorter than previous ones.

Graphically it was pretty nice as well, performed pretty stable too.

I'd definitely recommend it for 75% off.

#19 Posted by Cobra_nVidia (1595 posts) -

I've played all of them, Legend is my favorite. Underworld and Anniversary are good too, but more difficult and also very occasionally glitchy in terms of platforming.