Any Timed C4 in Counter Strike Globle Offensive?

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#1 Posted by multiplat (1136 posts) -

I am contemplating getting this game but was first wondering if there is a timed C4 explosive option that a player can use? Can I time it to 5 seconds or less? not to be confused with remote controlled C4.

#2 Posted by magicalclick (22811 posts) -

Well, you can set up the game to blow up in 5 seconds after terrorist plant the bomb. But, the game wouldn't be fun.

#3 Posted by Ribstaylor1 (713 posts) -

TC have you played counter strike before?

#4 Posted by multiplat (1136 posts) -

No i haven't played counter strike before... but i played a game called Global Operations before which had been compared to CS. I liked Global operations a lot, and it had C4 in it

#5 Posted by kraken2109 (13070 posts) -

C4 in counterstrike isn't for killing people. In de mode the terrorist team gets one bomb and their objective is either to set off the bomb or kill all counter terrorists. The counter terrorists objective is to either kill all the terrorists, run down the clock or defuse the bomb after it's been planted.