Any other recent pc games like Black Flag?

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I just finished Black Flag and i was wondering that are there any recent game releases like it?

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Nothing like it, apart from Sid Meier's Pirates! but that's old.

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What aspects of the game did you like?

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There is Risen 2 Dark Waters... Which is nothing like Assassin's Creed gameplay it is just about pirates. More of a cult classic, you are going to get people that hate and some that love it. I really like it.

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@Tokeism: The open world,the combat system,the amount of things that you can discover etc

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Well there's the obvious answer: Assassins Creed 2 + Brotherhood

Other same-ish game are:

Skyrim (open world / lots to explore)

Batman Arkham games (similar combat / some discovery / semi open world)

Sleeping Dogs (similar combat / open world)

Fallout New Vegas (open world / lots to explore)

Far cry 3 (open world / lots to explore)

Just Cause 2 (open world / lots to explore)

Tomb Raider (some discovery / semi open world)

The Witcher 2 (similar combat / some discovery / semi open world)

Red Faction Guerrilla (open world / some discovery)

Dark Souls (similar combat / some discovery / semi open world)