Any good strategy games or zombie games lately?

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well i got a really long holidays and i wonder what game should i play,im interested in zombie games like no more room in hell and strategy games like battle realms,age of empire,civilization games,tropico but now im tried of those games. So..i want to find a new strategy or zombie games,give me a suggestion :D

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  1. Total war series- like shogun 2
  2. Xcom enemy unknown- its a great game a nice twist on the standard RTS
  3. World in conflict- old but an AMAZING rts best i have ever played
  4. Natural selection 2 - a combination of RTS and FPS which is really fun. humans Vs Aliens


  1. DayZ- its a mod for arma II and is an amazing zombie survival game. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. it is much harder than other zombie games. You need to but arma II COMBINED OPS to play dayZ so you get a great zombie game and a really fun military sim at the same time.

hope this helps.

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- Anno 2070 and its fantastic expansion pack DEEP OCEAN are amazing games, can put 200+ hours on continous mode games and nto get bored.

- Total War Shogun 2 and its Expansion pack very good

- Company of Heroes (not super new but awesome)

- New XCOM - Was a huge fan of the old xcom games, but the new one is still good fun, sure its missing somethigns i loved from before but its still good

Zombies =

Dayz - The standalone is still suppose to come out in Dec, either wait for that and or get the version that is out now (need operation arrowhead and arma2)

Project Zomboid - Another awesome indie zombie game, love it.

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S.P.A.Z. Strategy plus zombies equals= Win!
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well, there's a zombie movie coming out with Brad Pitt if that helps

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The zombie mode in Blops 2? I don't know. You could also keep your fingers crossed for a new L4D game.

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You should've gotten Crusader Kings II in the Steam Automn sale, it was only $9.99 at one point. Maybe it will be that cheap again in the Steam Christmas sale, along with its DLCs; so you can buy it cheaper then. It is a strategy game. I paid $19.99 for it, and got the DLC cheap, and I don't regret buying it. I don't know if it's worth $39.99 if you have a budget because the combat is kinda simplistic, not that certain things can't be rewarding.

I mention the game because I like it so far and I've played around 20 hrs in the last 5 days. I would check out the Gamespot review for it.

I didn't really like Tropico 4, and didn't play it too much; I liked the first Tropico though.