any good games for 10 year old kids?

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i wana gift a game which is good for 10 yr ols kids?

not an action game.................some thing good for them which they can enjoy.........pls suggest

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i wana gift a game which is good for 10 yr ols kids?

not an action game.................some thing good for them which they can enjoy.........pls suggest


For the PC? Well, I'd imagine that anyone could enjoy World of Warcraft. The gaming world is really difficult to restrict, so I'd just jump right in if I were him. Hell, when I was 9, I was playing Infantry Online by Sony Online Entertainment.

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Lego StarWars 2
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Rayman 2/3 or The Sims. Maybe Psychonauts although that one is pretty action-oriented.
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Rayman's games are pretty fun, you can also buy him some PopCap games, i actually havent played them but they get some good reviews here on the forums, or some sport/driving games, like NFS or Test Drive Unlimited (this needs a good pc) or some NBA or Winning Eleven game... but those are best on consoles...
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Yeah Lego Stars2 is a good choice my Bro got it last Christmas and I still find it hard to get him off it.
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I would recommend the original Sims with the Unleashed expansion. My 9 year old daughter looooooves it!

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Almost all Star Wars games would be ok for a 10 year old. With the exception of ones that may be to difficult like Empire at War or Galaxies, or may be abit scary such as Dark Forces.
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I'd recommend Spore when it comes , Sims 1/2 oh just noticed i don't play so much non-action games. :P
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Postal 2.....just kidding. I say stick Sim City, Railroad Tycoon, or Rollercoaster Tycoon infront of the kid. I mean they are very easy games to get into and are very addictive.
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Oh yes Roller Coaster Tycoon is an excellent choice! The first one is great for kids...simple and fun.

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Jazz JackRabbit, Bio Menace, Rayman, Sonic, Mario etc etc....
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playboy the mansion
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He asked for a game for 10 years old kids, not for 5 years old kids. I played the same type of games when I was 10 years old that I do now ( I'm 16 ), so any game is good, even Resident Evil, Postal 2 or Playboy: The Mansion
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play an RTS. I have been playing starcraft since i was about 6.
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And any Worms 2D games.
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Lego Starwars II

This is the best one for a kid that age. It is simply very fun and lighthearted, and even if you are older it still is a blast to play. It also has coop, so you two can play together.

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age of empires 2 or lego star wars 2/1
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are his parents strict on the age ratings if not i would recomend Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast
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I played diablo, different star wars games (Ithink you can buy an anthology) when I was 10. Maybe try sam and max season 1. Also some racing games might be good. I also played counter strike.
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doom 3, or kids love rts games, go with suoreme comander, or any age of empires. if he likes mmos get him guild wars, no monthy fees.
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The Settlers Rise of an Empier!!! new game just came out

this game will make him use his brain witch is good thing for growing kid

its a good clean fun RTS games I recomed