Any chance i can just upgrade rather then buy?

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I have a {}. My main use for this computer is gaming. It has become laggy/slow/low fps. It was more then perfect for my old game but now it seems useless. I don't wanna just throw it out and buy a new one. It works fine on everything expect gaming. All parts on perfect conditions. Any chance i could just change a couple of parts to make it good enough?

Some other details:

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What sucks is that motherboard does not have pci-e slot which means no upgrading options for graphics card cpu or memory. Also the psu is not any good besides for that pc. Your best bet is to take what you can reuse out of that system and build a new one from bottom up.

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It's a pile of shit to be honest.. my parents had it. I got sick of coming over and seeing it work sooo slow.. I recently built them a new PC.

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Lol, i see. Thanks

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that mainboard and psu really suck, if i were you id forget about that pc for gaming and buy seperate parts to build a proper gaming pc with.

honestly its not hard to build a pc theres plenty of guides on the net and videos and you can really get the best bang per buck by doing it that way :)