Any AudioHeads good at Hooking old Stero/Speakers to PC ?

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There is no Audio Forum yet so decided to take my question here. Anyone got some knowledge on Old Speakers/Steros. I have 2 Speakers and a Subwoofer/Amplifier Basically I want a Simple 2 Speaker/Subwoofer Setup but not 100% sure How I go about it.

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Once upon a time I had a old school speaker setup and it went like this.

Speakers to amp and out of the amp to one of these:

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You can try to connect the 2 speakers to the sub and then the sub to the PC using some sort of 3.5 cable connector.

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You need an amp get a lepai 2020a+ amp connect the PC using a 3.5mm to RCA cable to the amp run speaker wire from the amp to the sub-woofers high level input and then run speaker wire from the subs high level output to your speakers.adjust the volume and crossover frequency on the sub so it blends in with the speakers and meets your preference.