alienware and gaming specs I need

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Hey guys!

I'm a big gamer but have always used consoles. I'm looking into used alienware laptops and i'm trying to keep it a 1100 or less I don't know much about pcs and the specs I need for gaming. it looks like I want atleast 2.5 ghz but can you run big graphics games on less than that? I have noticed so some turbo processors that bump it up to 3- ghz range do you recommend that? Any recommendations on specs that I need or don't need to worry about I would greatly appreciate.

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Unless you absolutely have to have the mobility, don't get a laptop.

Don't buy used.

Don't buy Alienware, used or otherwise.

You'll save literally hundreds of dollars by building it yourself. Even if you buy the parts and pay a professional at a local computer shop to assemble it for you, you'll save hundreds, compared to buying pre-built.

If you absolutely won't even consider building a custom system, go for an Acer, Asus, Dell, just about any brand but Alienware. They're insanely overpriced, and that's not even a matter of debate. Just a universally known and accepted fact.

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Use ibuypower if you have to, and look for an ibuypower sale on newegg.

I would say build it yourself but it sounds like you don't know anything about hardware. Building it is really simple, like adult legos, knowing the hardware comes with knowledge rather than common sense.

Ever assembled a telescope, furniture, or something a bit more complex? Well, if you have, building a computer might be just as easy for you if you know how to follow instructions.

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Any Alienware laptop should be decent for gaming. The one for $1050 looks awesome though. I'd figure if you get a laptop for gaming then you dont care about turning up the settings all the way. You just want to play games. Thats the way I see it. I get a desktop for playing games at the best they can be. I get a laptop to just play games.

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A gaming laptop can play pretty much any game at decent settings.

For the same price you could max every game out.

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@Gaming-Planet said:

That looks solid. And for a quite a bit less. TC, go for this, or something like it.

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@IvanElk said:

A gaming laptop can play pretty much any game at decent settings.

For the same price you could max every game out.

A friend of mine has this, it's a decent laptop. Get the 1080p screen though.