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Downloading the client, take a few hours. Until then, it would be wonderful to have opinions on this game my friends. Upon watching some youtube videos, it appears to not have traditional leveling up. which pique my interest.

Sadly, I must directly use steam since this product (due to limitations) will not allow it to UK customers.

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I tried it twice and quit both times. It's really complex and very eastern. It does boast a lot of very unique mechanics that peaked my interest but I didn't have the time to invest in the game. I have friends who love it though. I'd just expect to be a little confused starting out and know that there is a steep learning curve, but apparently there is a good sandboxy MMO to be had if you put in the effort.

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Thank you for the info my friend. I usually avoid these Asain MMO's because most of them, frankly, are shit.

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played this during its beta. Its a fun game if you're willing to learn its leveling system and put up with a messy UI

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Visuals are top notch, gameplay is surprisingly fun, big world, and lots to do. I think it's one of the best MMOs out there, but what really holds it back is that the localization is pretty bad and the UI is a mess. If you can put up with that, you'll enjoy it.

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Upon starting this game game kinda runs like shit and it has strange non-sound feel.

At first I thought I had the game on mute. But no, just very little sound from anything.

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It is a good game if you can put up with the poor localization, UI and weak presentation.

The f2p scheme they are using may also cause some problems.

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Ah fuck that, I just dropped £25 for Wildstar. Gona hold off on FF:RR until the DX11 patch is dropped.

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I'm playing WoW and having a good time. If I want to dungeon I can queue, pvp I can queue, or world quest or pvp as I please on my level 72 shadow priest.