Age of Wonders 3 is on the way.

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#1 Posted by Assimilat0r (745 posts) -

One of best TBS series ever (ofc after Heroes of Might & Magic) making its 3rd game Age of Wonders 3. Developers changed a whole story of game , and removed Camelot & Merlin and whole that thing with mythology.

Anyone here have some real informations about game ?

#2 Posted by Gamesterpheonix (3540 posts) -

I cant wait for this game. It looks so good. The best of RPG and TBS melted together. I really hope they talked about the release dates and any sort of beta soon.

#3 Posted by Elann2008 (32991 posts) -

Good news.

#4 Posted by illmatic87 (15291 posts) -

Looking forward to it. Played so much of AoW 2 years ago.

It'll be hard to top Fallen Enchantress: LH though as that was really good.

#5 Posted by Gamesterpheonix (3540 posts) -

I still have to get the FE:LH DLC. I loved vanilla though. DLC should give it a new shine.