Acer laptop problem

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for computer help but my friend has a problem with his laptop. He said none of the keys on the laptop work except for the cap locks key. Is his keyboard fried, or could someone accidentally pressed a Function+F5, etc button?

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Could be either.

Has he tried a USB keyboard?

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He should try claim it to the store where he bought that ACER.

Well, actually, in my Country - Indonesia. ACER are quite hard to be trusted, since some people called it ACER -- Agak CEpet Rusak, which mean Easy to Broke or Will be Broken.

So for some serious gamer, ACER is out from the candidates

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I just recently bought me an Acer and don't have thir problem. Like chltosan87 said he should take it back.

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Well I will tell what the problem is. It's an Acer and that's what the problem is. Glad I could help. Other than that I would try to see if they will honor the warranty. Being that it's an Acer I would assume you are still under warranty as these laptops don't have to be aged in order to have issues. I would go with Asus next time. Affordable and reliable.