About Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142

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#1 Posted by ShadowRun02 (80 posts) -

ok, so battlefield 1942 recently went f2p (the best thing EA did till the 10$ battlefield franchise sales)

im just asking if i should get it, since the multi might be empty lol.

and another thing, i saw some videos of battlefield 2142, and i love the art style (it doesn't look as good as frostbite 2 but it looks great nevertheless), and massive mechs and sci-fi planes with future architecture and lots maps with multiple levels looks awesome, just asking if the multi is still active, and if so is there any place to get it without origin?

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Hell yeah 1942 is free, you've got nothing to lose. It has been populated for me, been having a good time playing it again. Otherwise I have no idea about 2142. It's an excellent game, and Titan mode alone is ****ing fantastic. However yeah that depends on server pop and I have no idea about that.
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This site gives you a good idea on how active some games are


so USA, Germany and Russia still have a few servers active at this time of the day.

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You are asking if you should get a free game? One as acclaimed as BF1942? Really?

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the free version of 1942 is separate from the retail copies from years ago, the servers are different, so yes grab the free 1942, the servers are VERY active...even found a few 80 player servers

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2142 is arguably the best battlefield experience due to the uniqueness and the balance of it. maps are also purely fantastic.
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I also really loved BF 2142, but I am admittedly a BF franchose diehard. 2142 was very unique and IMO extremely underrated.
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There are still plenty of people playing 1942 and even if they weren't you could still play agains the bots. They might have terrible A.I., but they're funny and have uncanny accuracy a their highest skill level.

2142 has some very nifty features in it. The unlock system you'll have probably seen before but the vehicles like the walker and the hover tank that can strafe together with the new Titan game mode make it a lof of fun.

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do people still play it?