A Store to Buy and Sell High-End Video Cards

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#1 Posted by pigman239 (608 posts) -
I'm looking to upgrade my 7950 to an 8800 gtx, but i'd have a hell of a time explaining to my parents the $600 online charge for this card, even if i can get a few hundred back by selling the old one.  So online and newegg are out :(

I live just outside of NYC, so if anyone knows any stores there (or in the suburban connecticut area :D ) where I could possibly sell this old card and buy a new one using cash...that'd be great!
#2 Posted by dejo256 (2580 posts) -
I would it bought it from you but i do live far away and i have a crappy computer but i will build a new one soon. But i dont know any kinds of stores that buy cards from you. If the card isn't too old try to return it or try to sell it to your friend or someone else is your safest bet.
#3 Posted by Xbox360gamer1 (8575 posts) -
Try Microcenter

There is one in Westbury/Long Island
#4 Posted by pigman239 (608 posts) -
thanks :D