5 Best Singleplayer Shooter Campaigns Ever.....

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These are games that you can play over and over, EVEN when they become outdated. Sadly, not many recent games qualify for this list, although not because of nostalgia purposes, more so because developers focus on multiplayer more than they do singleplayer these days. But when you do find that one beautiful singleplayer experience that has as much love put into it as all the Battlefield maps combined, it's a joyous gaming occasion!

#5 Half-Life 1

Half-Life 2 was no slouch, but nothing compares to the claustrophobic adventure in Half-Life 1 and I can't wait for the remake with today's graphics that Valve will soon release. Maybe you had to be there to realize how awesome this spectacle was back in the day, but watching a story of a top secret laboratory test gone wrong and your forced escape to the surface made for one great story which was ironic considering most top stories come from the RPG genre. The mysterious man that follows you everywhere is still to this day one of the most original story elements in a shooter.



#4 Medal of Honor Allied Assault

The first PC game to cash in on Saving Private Ryan and the WII eating frenzy that followed. People probably remember the Call of Duty or Brothers in Arms series better but NOTHING compared to the Omaha Beach storming in MOH: AA. A truly novel level for its time and it set the tone for an entire experience that felt like you were in Europe fighting the Nazis.



#3 Deus Ex

Nevermind the sequel that you might have played on Xbox, this was the original smash hit and the best RPG/Shooter hybrid for its time. A buggy launch probably hurt it some but by the time it was finetuned, it held a special place in most PC gamers hearts. A cross between The Matrix, Illuminati conspiracies, Robocop and several other sci-fi themes you know and love, this game had it all, and a plot that allowed you to tackle missions anyway you saw fit, including different endings.



#2 Bioshock

Most people prefer its spiritual predecessor System Shock but I feel today's art and graphics make Bioshock the superior version, and probably the only game of the last 3 years that can compete with these other oldies for phenomenal single-player experience. They're making this game into a movie and it's the first video game to movie production I would ever tell the movie studios to change nothing. Travelling through Rapture isa Jules Verne sci-fi adventure that few games can touch.



#1 Clive Barker's Undying

The essential horror game for the PC. Nevermind space colonies and mutants, the best horror shooter is an old fashioned mysterious mansion. With one of the most innovative magic/weapons fighting systems, this game was an adventure and a half as you tried to discover the terrible fate of a family doomed to eternal hell. Probably the final level was the worse, but playing this game with the lights off and the sound full blast was an epic experience.





System Shock 2, Half-Life 2, Far Cry, F.E.A.R., The Operative: No One Lives Forever, Serious Sam, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Call of Duty, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight 1, Duke Nukem 3D

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I was preparing a Bioshock-hate megapost, but then I saw Undying at the top:P

Inb4 those who only played the demo/first 5 levels and say the monsters are annoying so they uninstalled.

Game rocks, I was afraid to go to bed because of it. I was 17...

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Those are probably my favorites all time for singleplayer campaigns on FPS.

Shoutout to Call Of Duty1 and Theif series (thought its not a shooter).

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  1. Deus Ex
  2. System Shock 2
  3. No One Lives Forever
  4. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
  5. Crysis
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Mine would be:

- Deus Ex
- Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
- Half-Life 2
- No One Lives Forever
- Unreal

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I'd have Far Cry and COD2 on there somewhere.

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1. MOH Allied Assault 2. Unreal (Original) 3. Half-Life 4. Max Payne 5. Project IGI or Delta Force 2
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CoD4 deserves a mention as well.

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How are games like half life and crysis playable over and over again? beat it on hardest and your done, nothing else to do anymore....
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CoD4 deserves a mention as well.

far too short for me and i can't stand respawning enemies on an FPS.
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half life

deux ex

clive barkers undying


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How are games like half life and crysis playable over and over again? beat it on hardest and your done, nothing else to do anymore....STAR_Admiral

I dissagree, ive beaten Half Life over 30 times and i still enjoy playing it from time to time again.

As for Crysis, the campaign can be done so many differnt ways and with differnt tactics, i personally enjoy the campaign for crysis/crysis warhead alot. Beat them 10+ each and still enjoy playing them. PLUS Crysis has thousnads of user made maps/campaigns as well, which adds tons of time to the game. Not to mention the best map editor of all time. Just op two cents/opinion.

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Surprised to see Undying making the list. Not saying I didn't like it. I did, but still surprised.

I'm gonna say:

1. Doom

2. Duke Nukem

3. Unreal Series

4. Half-Life

5. Crysis

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>Most people prefer its spiritual predecessor System Shock but I feel today's art and graphics make Bioshock the superior versionThe__MCP
Maybe I've just misinterpreted, but based on that comment, I would say you are everything that is wrong with modern computer games. BioShock's gameplay mechanics are so dumbed down the two can't be put side by side, yet you feel BioShock is better because of graphics. Ugh. How the hell can you make that claim, then put Deus Ex on your list? Be honest. Have you played System Shock 2?
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I'm probably one of the few people that really didn't like Allied Assault. I mean, it wasn't a bad game, but I thought Frontline and Pacific Assault were a lot better.

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My top 5:

The Half-Life series is one of the few, if not the only series of shooters where both the original and it's sequel are "up there" in terms of quality and enjoyment, in my opinion and going by what I've played.

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How are games like half life and crysis playable over and over again? beat it on hardest and your done, nothing else to do anymore....STAR_Admiral

I've lost count of the times I've played through Half-Life and Half-Life 2. they're both an absolute joy to play.

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1) Half Life 2

2) Far Cry

3) Crysis

4) Jedi Academy

5) Serious Sam II

and if this was a 10 best... CoD4, Far Cry 2, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, TF2

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1. Duke Nukem 3D

2. Quake 2

3. Call of Duty 2&4

4. Crysis


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I agree with Half-Life 1 and Bioshock in the list.

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Half-Life, System Shock 2, Half-Life 2, Deus Ex and Thief.

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In no particular order:


Deus Ex

No One Lives Forever

Max Payne

Call of Duty 2

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There's at least 20 better shooter games with a better than campaign than that Bioshock crap.