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I dont know why i made this very bored but i think YUGIOH is a better card game!!!!

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yugioh ftw pokemon is overrated japanese trash

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Sorry had to post it.

And I prefer pokemon, they marked my childhood.

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When I was a kid I used to collect pokemon, so I choose Pokemon.

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Pokemon has a quality game series, so that.
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Pokemon hands down. A world that revolves around a children's card game using holographic technology....seriously?

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Sorry had to post it.

And I prefer pokemon, they marked my childhood.


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Card Games - Yugioh

Video Games - Pokemon

Anime - Yugioh (until the season where Kaiba had to face that guy with blue hair forgot his name, but it was after the shadow tourney w/ Marik)

Toys/Merchandise - Pokemon

Overall - POKEMON

I can always play Pokemon the game and feel good. I have some Yugioh cards laying around my house and when I see them I feel so much disgust.

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Yu-Gi-Oh. With my astounding collection of trap cards I'll have no problem "trapping" the ladies now!
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If we're talking card games, Yugioh squats down and takes a **** on Pokemon's face. Yugioh shows him who's boss :P

But if we're talking video games, Pokemon no contest.

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If you're judging by card games I'd say Yugioh....but for video games pokemon is much more fun.
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Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are equally amazing

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pokemon was so much better for me, maybe because pokemon was my elementary and yugioh my middle school
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I really enjoyed playing Yu-Gi-Oh! back in my middle-school days and I thought it was an awesome and well constructed game. However I no longer play it and just keep the cards as a memory of my childhood games. My username was influenced by a card O.o
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Pokemon, definitely. Haven't played it in many years, though...
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card game: yugioh

video game: pokemon

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Sorry had to post it.

And I prefer pokemon, they marked my childhood.


Beat me to it.

Video Games: Pokemon

Card Games: Yu-Gi-Oh

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh (Japanese original obviously, not that crap dub)

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Pokemon is the better video game, but Yugioh the Abridged Series automatically causes it to be better than Pokemon.

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Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are equally amazing



Though I don't watch or play Pokemon anymore. Don't play Yu-Gi-Oh as much either but still keep up with the anime.

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Never played Pokemon, but I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh, and it was quite fun.
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Pokemon! I never liked Yogioh.
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Absolutely agreed. It's the best show YouTube has. I don't care much for either, but I'd have to agree that Yugioh has Pokemon beat. At least Yugioh has better graphics... somewhat....