youtube fails to load the stylesheet

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On all browsers I have (chrome firefox and internet explorer) when I try to sign into my google+ linked youtube account youtube will fail to load the style sheet. I can use youtube signed in on mobile or if I am not signed in. this happened on chrome and I couldn't fix it so I went over to firefox where it worked fine for a month and then I clicked on a video and suddenly the style sheet was broken. Youtube is the only site affected.

I have tried clearing cookies and catch, restarting my computer, disabling all add ons and extensions, clearing my computer of any viruses and using a cleaner tool, restarting in safe mode everything short of attempting to make a new stylesheet (going into firefox style editor says the style sheet can not be loaded) all to no avail. please help this is very frustrating.

here is what I am seeing:

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Reset Firefox to its original settings and then try. You'll lose all your addons and extensions but that's the point.

Edit: Or try FireFox's safe mode. Actually, I'd try safe mode first.

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@br0kenrabbit: I have tried this it makes no difference, I can watch youtube videos so long as I am not signed in but trying to sign in makes the pages fail to load.

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Looks like Youtube screwed up your account. Or at very least try IE with fake user agents.