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That voice inside your head when you think/read something.

Does it sound like you or someone else? If someone else, who?

My narrator usually sounds a lot like the late Peter Jennings, but after babysitting and watching three hours of MLP (ugh) it's freaking Apple Jack. WTF?

I'm going to bed.

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Tokio Hotel's singer

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Usually my voice.

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Never really noticed a voice while thinking/reading...

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There are so many voices in my head I don't know who's who.

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Bob Marley keeping telling me 'I shot the sheriff! but I didn't shoot the deputy!'

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My inner voice is the "real" me, the confident guy that was much more social before high school got to him and forced me to put a mental block on that aspect of my personality. Unfortunately, I don't know how to unblock it so now I walk around like Mr. Brooks...

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I would say it's mostly my own

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Ozzy Osbourne

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My own voice.

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Ron Howard a la Arrested Development

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I honestly don't know.

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My voice as I hear my own voice.

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Now that you mentioned it, been hearing Nicki Minaj voice in my head while I'm reading a book.

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Morgan Freeman's voice.

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My voice is what I imagine when I am reading as the narrator and I gradually develop voices of characters when reading their lines.

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The cast of Top Gear

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My own voice.