Your favourite super hero?

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I think my fave is Batman, simply because he has no actual super powers except having a bunch of money, super intelligence, the best costume, most advanced tech and vehicles, and he is a highly trained ninja. He's just a total badass. So erm who's your fave?

You can do like a top 5 if it's to hard to choose one.

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Iron Man

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My brother.

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No but really, Batman.

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Goku. Easy.

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Lobo. Easy.

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He's always been my favorite

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i have to say either spirdeman or killer is dead from killer is dead my favourite game hi guys im new here!

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Swamp Thing followed closely by Animal Man.

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@Shadow4020: Spider-Man is a close second for me followed closely by wolverine.

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surprised no one knows this(neither am I into this,but heck..)


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He's always been my favourite anti-hero, I bought the entire animated series on DVD years ago.

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I'm...I'm Batman!

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I always enjoyed the X-Men when I was a kid. Partial to Wolverine and a few others.

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Have to say it's a tie between Batman and Cable (was Wolverine tell they made him a little too op)

Villain wise I have to say it's a toss up between Thanos and Deathstroke

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I don't care for Superheroes besides Batman and occassionally Spider-Man.

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Squirrel Girl

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Batman, always has always will be.